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Estate planning is for everyone

There is a common misconception among Virginia residents that estate planning is essential for the wealthy but wasted on people with less substantial portfolios. The simple truth is that estate planning is beneficial for every size of estate and a vehicle to provide guidance and support for loved ones in a time of confusion and grief. A will instructs everyone concerned how to proceed with the distribution of assets after a loved one's death. Making such decisions in advance shows consideration for loved ones and beneficiaries, such as charitable interests.

Caught possessing?

Maybe you were cutting loose on the weekend or out celebrating a special event like the Martinsville Races. Someone offered you a joint. Next thing you know, an officer asks you what you’re smoking.

If you have a will, update it frequently

There are many people out there that put off the job of planning their estate. This is due to the seemingly daunting nature of estate planning, and also because many people assume that they "don't have the wealth necessary" to have an estate plan. However, if you commit to it, estate planning is not as insurmountable as it seems. In addition, there is never a bad time to plan out your estate -- regardless of your wealth.

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