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Child Support

In Virginia, child support payments are calculated according to guidelines that take into consideration several different factors, including parents' incomes and time spent in custody of the child. Though these guidelines can seem formulaic and straightforward, that may not always be the case. A lawyer familiar with the process can assist you in determining your legal obligations, and help you figure out how much you owe.

At The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, lead attorney Christopher Roop has assisted individuals throughout the state as they attempt to figure out their child support responsibilities. Additionally, our firm has helped clients seek modifications and amendments to child support considerations. We understand how important financial stability is to raising a child. However, we also believe that one parent should not be unduly responsible for their children's finances. We help individuals find a reasonable and fair resolution.

Finding What Benefits Both Children And Parents

We fully believe in achieving fairness in child support responsibilities. However, we also understand that sometimes a parent will not fulfill those responsibilities, leaving the other individual responsible for the totality of financial support. In these cases, a strong, determined advocate can help you fight toward a resolution.

We have helped many individuals throughout the state who are seeking assistance with child support matters, particularly as they relate to nonpayment or underpayment by the other individual.

Contact Our Firm For Support

While child support agreements may be only a part of an overall family law issue, we will work diligently by your side to help you achieve an optimal outcome. To contact us for more information, please call our Spencer office at 276-352-4172, or use the contact form. We offer free initial consultations.

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