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Perspective Client Intake Form

The information on this sheet is true and correct.  I understand that

  1. Payment of any consultation fee does not constitute the hiring of the attorney or the Firm in this matter;

  2. The entire scope of the attorney’s and Firm’s services is limited to the advice given during the initial consultation;

  3. The attorney and the Firm do not represent me unless I sign a written fee agreement and pay the Initial Retainer;

  4. My matter may be subject to time limitations, that I may be barred from taking any action if I do not timely act, and that I am not relying on the Firm to take any action.

If the initial consultation includes a review of documents, then I understand that the attorney and the Firm are providing me only with their initial observations concerning the document and possible alternative approaches to my case. I understand that this cursory review does not give them enough information to advise me of all problems or potential liabilities that the document may present, and that they will only provide me with a full analysis of the document after we have reached agreement concerning the scope of analysis and I have formally engaged them to do that work.

Thank you for submitting! Someone will contact you by your perfered method of contact as soon as possible.

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