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Drug Possession

If you are caught in possession of drugs in the state of Virginia, the penalties can be harsh: you can face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $2,500 in the most extreme cases. If you are arrested for drug possession, you will want a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney by your side. Christopher W. Roop, the principal lawyer for The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, understands drug crime law and will help protect your due process rights.

Christopher is a former state trooper, and is familiar with law enforcement procedures for drug-related arrests. This allows him to challenge the state's case against you. He can also seek options for your case that can help you turn your life around.

State Penalties For Drug Possession

Here is a brief overview of basic facts to know about Virginia's drug laws:

  • Controlled substances are divided into six "schedules," or categories. Schedule I drugs include substances such as heroin and LSD, while Schedule VI substances include materials used to alter consciousness such as toluene, amyl nitrate and nitrous oxide.

  • Drug possession occurs whenever a person has a controlled substance without a legal prescription.

  • Possession of a Schedule I drug is a Class 5 felony; all other drug possession categories merit a misdemeanor charge (including marijuana).

What Are My Options If I Am Charged With Possession?

Our firm's attorney knows the types of errors in evidence collection and questioning of witnesses that can occur, and he can provide a robust defense during a trial. In many cases, this has resulted in reduced charges or acquittals for his clients.

Under certain circumstances, you may qualify for one of Virginia's "drug court" diversion programs. These programs combine treatment and education with accountability for the defendant to resolve addiction issues and prevent repeat offenses. Another option is what is known as the first-offender or "251" program. This program requires a guilty plea and comes with many requirements and stipulations during an active probation period, but can lead to dismissal of the charges against you later on if you complete the program successfully.

Do Not Delay. Contact Us About Your Drug Charges Today.

Do not play guessing games if you are facing a drug possession charge. Call our office in Spencer at 276-352-4172, or use our online contact form to make an appointment.

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