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Out of State Drivers

In Virginia, an automobile is a necessity. Many times, it can be tempting to disregard speed limits as we rush to get home or when it seems like no one else is on the road. However, driving too fast can result in far more than a simple traffic ticket.But your out-of-state traffic violations do not have to rise to the level of a crisis.

At The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, our namesake attorney can advise you on the best ways to resolve your citation. He is a former state highway trooper, so he understands how violations are assessed and reported, and he can help you minimize the charge's impact on your future as a driver.

Do not delay in dealing with an out-of-state traffic matter. Call our office at 276-352-4172 to get started.

How Traffic Violations Get Reported To Other States

Traffic violations that happen in Virginia are reported to other states through several mechanisms, including the Driver License Compact (DLC), which covers nearly every state in America. Once a charge has been entered, a state participating in the DLC reports to the home state's licensing authority the violation (including the statute in question), the court that heard the case and the plea.

Beyond the additional penalties your home state may impose, you may find the violation has increased the number of points assessed against your license. Your insurance company may choose to raise your rates if they evaluate you as a "risky" driver.

Resolving Your Traffic Infractions

Not all traffic violation cases end with a "guilty" plea and a conviction. However, you must comply with all court deadlines and present a credible defense to get a traffic violation reduced or eliminated in court.

Our lawyer will evaluate the evidence against you and look for holes in the state's case. As a former law enforcement officer, he is aware of the mistakes that the police can make when issuing traffic violations. Our firm assists you in presenting the strongest possible defense, and seeks to minimize your travel back to Virginia to deal with your ticket or traffic charge.

Get Your Driving Record On The Road To Recovery

Do not fret about your Virginia traffic violation coming back to haunt you. Our firm can help you resolve your case and move forward, worry-free. To book an appointment, call our office in Spencer at 276-352-4550, or email us via our online contact form.

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