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Traffic Violations

For some people, receiving a traffic violation might not seem very significant initially, but if you ignore your ticket, you could incur penalties that could lead to steeper fines, time in jail and the suspension of your driver's license. Eventually, this could interfere with your ability to maintain employment or find a new job. Other violations, such as DUI and reckless driving, can have an immediate and negative impact on your criminal record and ability to legally drive a car.

Waiting to take action on a traffic violation can haunt you for years to come. If you need help dealing with a traffic infraction today, call our office at 276-352-4172 to set up an appointment. We serve residents in Henry County and all surrounding counties in Southwest Virginia.

How Our Firm Can Help

At The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, we have experience handling a wide variety of traffic infractions, and are aware of the penalties you could face if you ignore a ticket or a more serious charge in Virginia. We know how to address:

  • Intoxicated driving offenses (DUI and underage DUI)

  • Speeding tickets

  • Being charged with driving recklessly

  • Moving violations

  • Violations for driving on a suspended license

  • Violations for driving on a suspended commercial driver's license

Our law office is headed by an attorney who worked previously as a state trooper and has a firsthand perspective on how traffic violations are assessed. We will meticulously review your violation to determine if the police officer violated your rights during the traffic stop or if a mistake was made on your ticket. If we suspect an error or misconduct occurred, we will do what we can to get the ticket reduced or dismissed.

Address Your Traffic Violation Correctly — Let Us Help

The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, can help you address your traffic violation quickly and appropriately. To schedule a free initial consultation with our lead attorney, Christopher W. Roop, call our law office in Spencer at 276-352-4172. You can also email us to get things started.

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