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Violent Crime

Violent Crime Charges Need Fierce Representation

Thousands of individuals are arrested in connection with violent crimes in Virginia. In such instances, the consequences are extremely severe, ranging from years in prison to large fines in excess of thousands of dollars, even for first-time offenders. Penalties for repeat offenders are even greater. Without the benefit of strong, experienced representation, many are likely to be facing life-altering consequences.

The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, can help. Since our founding, we have been helping clients in Spencer and across the southwest of the state with a variety of criminal defense issues, including violent crimes. With experience both in court and as negotiators, we are committed to fighting for your rights and your freedom.

If you need immediate representation for a violent crime charge, call our office at 276-352-4172 today.

Serious Representation For Serious Matters

Lead attorney Christopher W. Roop offers assistance on a variety of matters, including:

  • Murder and attempted murder — Homicide cases require the staunchest of defenses. With so much at stake, including potentially the death penalty, a knowledgeable lawyer can help you avoid the harshest of penalties.

  • Assault, including aggravated assault — Punishment for assault can range from probation to long prison sentences. We will work with you to figure out a legal strategy that can minimize the punishment or completely exonerate you.

  • Rape and other sex crimes — A conviction for any number of sexual offenses will change your life. We will see to it that your options are fully explored prior to trial.

  • Elder abuse — Accusations of abuse, physical or otherwise, directed at older adults can have serious consequences. Our office will investigate your situation and plan a course of action.

  • Domestic violence — Spousal abuse can have serious repercussions on a number of family law issues as well. We will be by your side as you strive to protect your rights and your reputation.

As a diligent law firm, we pledge to fight aggressively on your behalf, no matter the severity of the charges you are facing.

To Discuss Your Charge In Detail, Contact Us

Whatever criminal charges you may be facing, we are by your side. To contact our Spencer office, call us at 276-352-4172, or use our contact form.

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