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Domestic Violence

Aside from the stigma associated with domestic violence, any individual charged with family abuse faces very serious consequences. Aside from the potential jail time and fines you may face — which can have profound effects on your freedom and employment — you may also be subject to other punishments, including protective orders and the restrictions attached to them. However, a skilled attorney should work diligently to protect your rights and reputation.

At The Law Office of C.W. Roop, PLLC, lead attorney Christopher Roop will handle the entirety of your case, examining every aspect from start to finish to ensure that there are no missed opportunities. We understand the seriousness of dealing with the legal system, and we work on your behalf so that your rights are respected.

If you have been arrested on a domestic violence charge, your life can change immediately. To discover your options for asserting your side of the story, call our office at 276-352-4172.

What We Can Do For You

Being accused of family abuse can lead to a significant loss of liberty, even before you get a chance to prove your case in court. Specifically, you may be:

  • Prohibited from contacting the alleged victim or other family members

  • Required to cede access to any family homes or residences, and be prohibited from visiting them

  • Prohibited from operating your motor vehicle, if the court deems it necessary to grant it to the alleged victim or petitioning family members

  • Required to provide housing for the petitioner or alleged victim

A skilled lawyer can help you navigate these difficult circumstances, and help you prepare yourself for what lies ahead, along with crafting a powerful defense that is best suited for protecting your rights. Attorney C.W. Roop is such a lawyer, ready to work hard so you have the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome.

Get In Touch With The Legal Support You Deserve

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our Spencer, Virginia, office at 276-352-4172, or use the contact form. We offer free initial consultations.

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